My Chiropractic Story

Growing up, I always looked up to my mom.  She worked as an emergency room nurse and got to save lives every day.  I always thought she had the most incredible job because she got to make her patients feel better.  I always thought growing up that I would become an emergency room nurse just like her, so that I could save people’s lives too.  My mom has always been involved in numerous activities, and made sure my brother and I followed suit by keeping us enrolled in healthy activities growing up.  Ever since the age of three, I have loved to dance.  My mom would enroll me in as many dance classes as she could possibly drive me to so that I could pursue my passion.  I loved the freedom of the movement, the fun music, and getting to hang out with all of my friends in an activity that we all enjoyed.  While this was always enjoyable, my difficulty came in my un-coordination as a child and being a “klutz” – constantly tripping over my own feet, running into walls because I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going, and falling down the stairs were regular activities in my life.  When I was ten years old, a simple attempt to get up off the couch was the tipping point for my pelvis to fall severely out of alignment.  Years of dance and being a kid had brought me to a point where I could barely walk because my hip was in so much pain.  My mom, being an experienced nurse, assumed that I had simply strained a muscle, and that the pain would subside within a few days.  When the pain didn’t go away, she tried other methods to help relieve my symptoms, including muscle relaxers, heating pads, ibuprofen, and other treatments she had known to work in the past.  While my pain would subside from the medication, I still did not have the functional ability to walk properly.  Another week passed, and I was still hobbling around trying to cope with my misalignment.  I can remember driving on a bumpy road, and the vibration from the truck was enough to make me cry out in pain.  When my mom thought she had exhausted all of her solutions, a friend suggested that she try a chiropractor.  Apart from my grandmother working for a chiropractor for a few years when she was young, my family had no experience with this type of therapy.  My mom found a local chiropractor and took me to his office to see if he could help.  He explained to my ten year old self that my hip was supposed to look like two straight lines side by side, and instead the ligaments were appearing like an “X”.  That seemed like a simple enough explanation to me, and I was more than happy to let this stranger do whatever he could to let me walk properly again.  In one simple adjustment, I was able to get off the table and walk as if nothing had been wrong with me before.  I was able to dance and play again, which made my mom and I very happy.  As I grew up and continued to dance, I would go back to the chiropractor to make sure that everything was in alignment so that I could perform to my greatest ability.  It was around the time I was sixteen that the ideas of careers and college started swirling around my high school classes.  I still wanted to be a nurse like my mom so I could save people’s lives and make them feel better.  There was just one problem – I could not handle looking at people’s bodily fluids.  This put a serious dilemma in front of me – I knew I wanted to serve people and make them feel better, but I didn’t want to have to deal with things coming out of them on a regular basis.  As I started looking into other career options, a realization came into my head – my chiropractor had been serving people for years, making them feel better, and possibly saving their lives without these patients knowing it.  The more I looked into the profession, the more perfect it seemed for me.  I had decided in 12th grade that I was going to pursue a chiropractic degree, having no idea the amount of schooling I was setting myself up for.  I would constantly question myself, “do you really want to do all this work?  Is it really worth it?  Are you really going to make that much of a difference by making sounds come out of a person’s spine?”  Every time I thought about these questions, the answer was always yes.  I am pleased to say that I have only fallen more in love with this profession every day.  I get to make an impact in people’s lives with my touch, and I can make a difference in the world by removing interference from people’s nervous systems.  I am so looking forward to serving outpatients in clinic, and I cannot wait to serve the greater community when I graduate from chiropractic college. first adjustment

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