Is Your Radio in the Proper Frequency?

Is your radio in the proper frequency, or are you just getting static?

    How often have you been driving in a vehicle, listening to the radio, and suddenly you notice some

static interspersed among your favourite songs?  Sometimes it’s just an annoyance, and you can continue

singing along to your classic tunes. Other times it becomes very difficult to hear the song, to the point

where we have to change something about our situation.  Typically, our first response is to make an

adjustment to our radio, in order to see if a small, minute change can bring us back to a state of ease.

When this doesn’t work, we may do one of a few things: make larger adjustments to the radio to see if

another frequency will work better; wait out the static and see if a change in our outer environment will

help us to better adapt to the problem; or we can shut off the radio entirely and choose not to deal with

it – in turn, not allowing us to enjoy the music.


   Like a radio frequency connecting to your vehicle, our bodies work to connect to our brains in the same

way via our nervous system.  Sometimes we notice small annoyances in our bodies, so we make small

adjustments to create ease. Think about how many times you shift in your chair each day, or how many

little changes you make in your sleep each night.  These are little annoyances that we regularly deal with

in order to avoid a larger problem. Sometimes, however, we have situations arise where we have to make

a larger change in our system in order to avoid interference. Take an ankle sprain, for example.  We notice

instant swelling and tenderness to the area, so we take precautionary measures for a while to gain back

full function. We rest the area, apply ice, compress, and elevate the ankle until we feel we can function

again.When we ignore problems over time, our bodies can get to a point of dysfunction, where signals

can’t be sent to the brain properly.  This dysfunction can appear differently in every person, but a lot of

individuals will experience significant amounts of pain. In turn, we avoid doing activities we love, because

we know it will end up hurting us.

    Chiropractic care can work with any level of disruption in our body frequency.  Our purpose is to remove

interference from the nervous system so that the brain can communicate with the body without causing

any “static”.  The amount of interference in your system (and how long it has been there) will help

determine the amount of care required, but the goal for every individual is to help them function better

than when they first started care.  Some people come in for wellness “check-ups” where they don’t have

any pain, but want to ensure their body is functioning at its top potential. Others come in because they

have been dealing with pain for years and are fed up with interference in their life.  Regardless of the

concern, chiropractic care can help restore function and improve quality of life through specific

adjustments to the body.

So, ask yourself the question – what would you do with a static-free life?

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